Rabbit Core Module RCM3900 & 3910


The RCM3900 module is ideal for developing high-performance and secure applications embedding the WEB or large masses of data. Main features: 10 / 100BaseT Ethernet, 1 GB SRAM, 512 Flash, microSD card support up to 1 GB, 6 serial ports, 52 digital I / O, Rabbit3000A @ 44.2 MHz microprocessor


Rabbit is a trademark of Digi International


Characteristics RCM3900 RCM3910


Rabbit3000A @ 44.2MHz

Ethernet port

10 / 100BaseT, RJ45 plug, 3 LEDs

Flash memory


SRAM memory

512KB (programs) + 512KB (data)

32MB NAND Flash additional memory



MicroSD reader

128MB cards up to 1GB

Handling "hot" cards


Backup battery

Connection for battery or user battery (RTC and SRAM support)

LED indicators

4: ACT (activity), LINK (connection), PFM (Parallel Flash Memory), USR (user programmable)

Versatile inputs / outputs

52 digital I / Os:

- 44 bidirectional

- 4 fixed inputs

- 4 fixed outputs

Additional entries

2 Startup, Reset modes

Additional outputs

Status, Reset

Auxiliary bus inputs / outputs

8 data lines and 6 address lines (shared with I / O), plus read / write I / O

Serial ports

5 3.3 volt CMOS compatible:

- 5 configurable asynchronously (with IrDA)

- 3 configurable synchronously (SPI)

- 2 configurable in SDLC / HDLC

- 1 asynchronous serial port dedicated to programming

Series speed

Maximum asynchronous speed = Clock / 8

Slave interface

Slave port for use of a master or smart devices from a master controller

Real time clock



10 8-bit timers (6 cascadable from the first) and 1 10-bit timer with 2 match registers

Watchdog / Supervisor



10-bit counter and 4 modulation registers

Pulse inputs

2 pulse inputs for speed measurement or event detection

Quadrature decoders

2 quadrature strings for external incremental encoder module inputs


3.15-3.45 VDC, 325mA / 3.3V @ 44.2 MHz

Operating temperature

-20 ° C to + 85 ° C


5 to 95% non-condensed


2 2x17 pin connectors (2mm pitch) and 1 2x5 pin 1.27mm pitch connector for programming


47 mm x 69 mm x 22 mm



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