Rabbit core module rcm4200


rabbitRCM4200 It is an ideal platform for developing the most demanding embedded control applications. Rabbit is a brand of digi international

main features : rabbit4000 @ 59 MHz microprocessor, 10 / 100Base-T Ethernet, 512KB flash memory, 1024KB SRAM, 8MB serial flash memory, 8 analog, 5 serial ports, 35 I / O






Rabbit4000@59 MHz

Rabbit4000@29.5 MHz

EMI Reduction

Spectrum steps to reduce EMI


Ethernet 10 / 100BaseT, RJ-45, 3 LEDs

Flash Memory

512 KB (8 bits)

SRAM memory

512 KB (data) + 512 KB (program)

512 KB (data)

Serial flash

8 MB


Input / output

Configurable number

The 25 has four alternate functional levels

35 has four alternate functional levels

Analog input

8-way public quality (11 bits) or 4-way poor quality (12 bits)

Programmable gain: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16 and 20V / V

TPS conversion: 180 μ s (including software layer)


Additional input

2. Start mode, reset and conversion

2 start mode, reset

Extra output

State, reset, simulate VREF

Status, reset output

Input / output auxiliary bus

8 lines of data and 6 lines of address (shared with I / O),

Add the read / write control line,

PWM path

3-way synchronous, with 10 bit counter, 3-way variable phase or synchronous, with 16 bit counter

4-way synchronous with 10 bit counter, 4-way variable phase or synchronous with 16 bit counter

Serial port

4 CMOS compatible

5 CMOS compatible

-All can be configured asynchronously (with IrDA), 4 serial clocks (SPI)

-1 can be configured as SDLC / HDLC

-1 asynchronous serial port for programming

-1 serial port clock for serial flash

-1 serial clock port for a / D converter (rcm4200)

Serial speed

Maximum asynchronous speed = clock / 8 (BPS)

Spare battery

User battery connection (support RTC and SRAM)

Slave interface

Slave ports allow other RCM modules (or rabbit based modules) to be used in master mode or as smart devices

Real time clock

Yes, sir.


Ten 8-bit timers (six cascade on the first timer) and one 10 bit timer with two matching registers

A 16 bit timer with 4 outputs and 8 set / reset registers

Watchdog / Supervisor

Yes, sir.

Pulse input

4-way input capture can be used for speed measurement or event detection

Quadrature decoder

An orthogonal string that accepts input from an external incremental encoder module

Two orthogonal strings that accept input from external incremental encoder module

Power Supply

3.0-3.6 VDC / 240 Ma typical

3.0-3.6 VDC / 200 Ma typical

Service temperature

-40 ° C to + 85 ° C


5% to 95% non condensing


1 x 2 x 25 pin male connector (1.27 mm pitch)

1 x 2 x 5 pin male connector (1.27 mm pitch)


61mm x 47mm x 21mm


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