Rabbit Core Module RCM4300


The Rabbit RCM4300 on-board computer is ideal for data processing or storage intensive applications. Rabbit is a trademark of Digi International

main Features : 10 / 100BaseT Ethernet, Rabbit4000 @ 58.98MHz microprocessor, Supports mini-SD card, 1MB SRAM, 36 I / O, 8 12-bit analog inputs, 6 serial ports ...


Characteristics RCM4300 RCM4310


Rabbit4000 @ 58.98 MHz

EMI reduction

Spread spectrum to reduce electromagnetic interference

Ethernet port

10 / 100BaseT, RJ45 plug, 3 LEDs

SRAM memory

1MB (programs) + 512KB (data)

512KB (programs) + 512KB (data)

Flash memory series

2 MB

1 MB

Removable Flash memory

128MB to 2GB micro SD cards

Backup battery

Connection for battery or user battery (RTC and SRAM support)

LED indicators

ACT / LINK (activity, connection), FDX / COL (full-duplex, collisions),

SPEED (100Base-T Ethernet connection), SD (mini SD card)

General purpose inputs / outputs

28 digital I / O configurable bit by bit with 4 levels of alternating functions

36 digital I / O configurable bit by bit with 4 levels of alternating functions

Additional entries

2 Startup, Reset, CONVERT modes

2 Startup, Reset modes

Additional outputs

Analog Status, Reset, VREF

Status, Reset

Analog inputs

8 common ground channels or 4 differential channels, 12-bit res. (11 bits in common ground), conversion time 180µsec


Serial ports

Up to 5 serial ports (shared with other functions)

Up to 6 serial ports (shared with other functions)

Series speed

Maximum asynchronous speed = Clock / 8

Slave interface

The slave port allows the RCM4300 to be used as a smart device, connected to a master system

Real time clock



10 cascadable 8-bit timers and 1 16-bit timer

Watchdog Supervisor



4 PWM registers with free 10-bit counters and priority interrupts

Pulse inputs

2 pulse inputs for speed measurement or event detection

Quadrature decoders

2 quadrature strings for external incremental encoder module inputs


350mA @ 3.3V (typical)

Operating temperature

Without micro SD card: -20 ° C to + 85 ° C


5 to 95% non-condensed


1 2x25 pins IDC connector (1.27mm pitch); 1 micro SD card reader; 1 2x5 pins IDC programming connector (1.27mm pitch)


47 mm x 72 mm x 21 mm

The RCM4300 development kit includes:

- An RCM4300 computer

- A micro SD card

- A welcome card / prototyping

- Dynamic C development software

- A manual

- An assortment of connectors and accessories

- A programming cable for development and debugging

- Additional modules: FAT file system, Rabbit Web (creation of web pages) and SSL (Data security)

- Complete documentation on CDRom and on paper including electronic diagrams


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