RN1X00 - RabbitNet Extensions


These expansion cards on RabbitNet bus allow you to add digital inputs / outputs (RN1100), analog inputs (RN1200), analog outputs (RN1300), or a keyboard + display ((RN1600).

The RabbitNet bus is based on RS-422, SPI 1Mbps. Rabbit multifunction cards equipped with one or two RabbitNet buses are the families OP7200, BL2500, BL2600, BL4S200 or any card that has a "home" RabbitNet bus.

 Rabbit is a trademark of Digi International



40 discrete I / O card (24E protected up to +/- 40VDC, 16S push-pull up to 200mA / output, 40 VDC max) and 4 analog inputs (buffered, 10-bit resolution, 8-bit precision, max speed 1.5 KHz in single-channel mode)


8 analog inputs card (8 configurable 11-bit common grounds, or 4 12-bit differential, 1MW, 2.5KHz)


Menu 8 analog outputs (12 bits, impedance 8 W, refresh max. 2.5 kHz, programmable output voltage ranges: 0-2.5V / 0-5V / 0-10V / 0-20 VDC)


Keyboard / screen interface card (Keyboard support from 1 to 64 keys at 2.54mm pitch on cable and serial connector, and display support compatible with screen module 1x8 to 4x20 characters, 2x8 male connector and 1x16 female connector, backlighting support (by software) and contrast adjustment (not software)


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