Router ZigBee XBee-PRO ZB - Ref XR-Z14-CW1P2


The Digi ZigBee wall routercreates and/or strengthens the infrastructure of a ZigBee network by simply plugging it into a site's standard wall electrical outlets to create a self-regenerated multi-channel network.

The installation is simple (plug and play) and its format very compact.

We provide by default the European version of the XBee-PRO ZB wall router (ref. XR-Z14-CW1P2) with Europe sector card. There are also versions with UK, USA, Australia, Japan (see us).




2.4 GHz

Indoor/urban reach

Up to 100m

Outdoor range in open fields

Up to 1.2Km (in ideal conditions)

Transmission power

10mW (0 dBm)

Transfer power

250,000 bps

Reception Sensitivity (1% PER)

-95 dBm



Compatible with: Digi Xbee Modules Series 2; 2007 Ember ZigBee ZB Battery (or ZNet 2.5)


Continue display when the adapter is powered on the area

Flashing display as soon as the adapter is integrated into the RF network

Push button

- Adaptor reset

- Recall of the default factory configuration

- Identification /Commissioning Mode


- Temperature sensor: -20C to 70C; accuracy - 2 C

- Ambient light sensor:

Spectral bandwidth: 360 to 970 nm (similar to the human eye).

Maximum sensitivity wavelength: 570 nm


7.30cm x 5cm x 3.50cm for 71g

Security and Networks

Network topologies

Point to Point; Point to Multipoint; Peer to Peer; Mesh

Number of channels

16 - 5MHz via channel (Direct Frequency Spread Spectrum)

Filtering options

PAN ID, channel, address 2-64 (64 bits)


Operating temperature

-20 degrees C to 75 degrees C (Humidity from 5% to 95% without condensation)


Power voltage

Sector 85 VAC to 265 VAC

Takes interchangeable sectors with other international formats


Integrated internal antenna



ETSI (Italy 25 mW max., Slovakia 10 mW max.)

XBee Ecosystem

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XBee Wall Router

XBee Wall Router

Taken europe sector


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