SeaLevel SeaLINK - Ethernet / Serial Conversion 1 to 16 ports


SeaLevel SeaLINK - Ethernet Serial 1 to 16 Port Serial to Ethernet Conversion

SeaLINK Serial / Ethernet converters of Sealevel Also known as serial port servers over ethernet, it is possible to control and address remote serial devices from a PC or server through the company's Ethernet network

SeaLINK Serial / Ethernet converters from Sealevel exist in several versions including the various serial interfaces RS232, RS485 or RS422,

Common features :

  • Host interface: Ethernet 10 / 100BaseT (autosense)
  • Individual configuration of the channels in RS232, RS485 or RS422
  • DB9M serial connectors (or RJ45 on 16-port model)
  • Maximum serial speed: 230.4Kbps, available on all ports
  • Supports custom speeds and 9-bit protocols
  • Maximum cable length between the serial device and the box: 15m (RS232) to 1200m (RS485)
  • Operating temperature: 0 C ° to + 70 ° C (humidity 10-90% non-condensing)
  • RS485 enable / disable automatic
  • Embeds a Watchdog and a Reset circuit for failure management
  • Power supply 5VDC, 500mA to 1A depending on model or 9-30VDC 10W
  • Supplied with mains adapter, Ethernet cables (1 crossed and 1 straight), and accessories depending on model
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEED PRODUCTS(under normal conditions of use)

The SEACOM software make installation and operation easy from Windows all versions 32/64 or Linux. Once installed, serial ports appear as virtual ports when viewed from the host machine. Any call to standard serial ports is redirected transparently to the SeaLINK, thus ensuring joint operation with an already existing serial application. Tunneling mode is supported, allowing connected devices to chat directly with each other over the network. Raw Data Socket mode is also supported, which eliminates the need for a driver.

Each port can be individually configured as RS232, RS485 or RS422. There are Variants in extended temperature range : Consult us.

Strengths of SeaLINK Serial / Ethernet converters from Sealevel: Virtually no latency on serial ports, lifetime warranty and competitive prices


Ethernet / Serial Conversion Reference Sealevel box
Number of Serial Ports RS232 RS422 / 485 RS422 / 485 with screw connector extension card RS232 / 422/485
1 Serial Port 4101 4102 4102-TB 4103* & 4104
2 serial ports 4201 4202 4202-TB2 4203
4 serial ports 4401 4402 4402-TB4 4403
8 serial ports 4801 4802 4802-TB8 4803
16 Serial Ports 4161** 4162** N / A 4163**
* one Reed Relay output / 1 integrated digital input
** Series connectors RJ45 format
DB9 Cable M / F CA127 Price upon request
Cable DB9 F / DB25M Modem CA177
DB9F / RJ45F adapter RJ9S8
18 TB / 2 x DB9F card TB06
9 TB card and DB9 M / F cable KT105
TB06 board and DB9 M / F cables KT106

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