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Low-thickness thermal caps with good thermal performance after compression.
This format is extremely easy to implement as long as components with standard packaging are used (TO-220).
In addition to higher thermal conduction, these caps provide electrical insulation and a buffer effect.


Parameters Units CP22/CP23/CP33 Test
Thermal conductivity
2.0 ASTM D5470
0.30/0.45 ASTM D374
Gray Visual
Shore A 65 ASTM D2240
Dielectric dress (Vac)
4.1/6.1 ASTM D149
Dielectric dress (Vdc)
6.1/8.1 ASTM D149
50 ASTM D412
Flame propagation
V-0 UL 94
Temperature of use
45 degrees Celsius - 180 degrees Fahrenheit -
Tables given as an indication

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