Webinaire thermique

Context :

The "thermal management" in electronics ensures the proper functioning of the system and guaranteeing the lifespan of the components. Thus, electronic thermal has become a key element when developing a product.

For many years, electronics have been constantly evolving with a universal trend which consists in increasing performance, densifying and miniaturizing components. This undeniably generates an increase in the powers consumed and a greater thermal power density to be evacuated.

It is therefore essential to implement a robust, quality, little intrusive thermal solution capable of optimizing thermal exchanges in a strongly constrained environment.

Webinar description:

If you have already encountered thermal dissipation problems, you do not ignore the difficulty in choosing the right thermal interface (TIM): it is a question of finding the best compromise between:

Performance, quality, costs
Integration, lifespan, supply

Our thermal department offers you this webinar intended to help you position the right criteria for optimizing your thermal dissipation solution.


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