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Industrial interfaces

In this section you will have access to all industrial input/exit management products, relays.

The brand we represent is Sealevel, an American manufacturer with great experience in these areas, their products being renowned for just reason very reliable and efficient, including in the disturbed environment. So much so that Sealevel offers a life guarantee on all of its products.

The acquisition cards that we offer have many variations of profiles and the number and type of input/outputs.

The acquisition boxes are interfaced remotely by Wi-Fi or Ethernet and locally in USB, RS485 or RS232. These multifaceted modules include an analog, digital and relay outputs. They allow low cost to control or acquire many types of analog or digital signals.

Product categories

 Input/output cards Order and acquisition of data

 Multi -input/outputs and relay USB solutions

 Multi input/outputs and relay solutions, with Ethernet interfaces, WiFi, RS485 ...