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WiFi and Bluetooth modules

Internet of objects and wireless connectivity are inseparable. The integration of radio on equipment is particularly complex and the choice of technology depends on the profile of the application as well as the context of the deployment environment.

Two large families of radios stand out: 2.4/5 GHz (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth…) For large bandwidth needs (media…) and sub-GHz (Lora…) for extensive or low consumption needs.

At Matlog, we know the different radio protocols and we can support you in your technical choices. By offering you secure radios components on frequencies covering 240 MHz to 5GHz, different profiles (TX, RX, TRX,) and modulations (Ook, FSK, GFSK), we have a solution suitable for each application.

We also have Lorawan modules in our product offer, Wifi and Bluetooth selected for their stability and reliability.


  • Personalized support up to advice for the development of your antenna
  • Simple and quick integration
  • Configurable and modifiable components and modules
  • Perennial solutions
  • Low consumption
  • CE/RED and FCC certification