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Cell modules

Cellular networks today cover all territories. It is therefore the most suitable technology for connecting objects or equipment intended to be deployed around the world, from rural areas to the heart of urban buildings.

This requires the integration of a cell module with technology adapted to the use case: supported bands, data flow, latency time, or electrical consumption constraints are thus examples of parameters to be taken into account for Equipment intended to operate a few years on the field.

Matlog provides you with its expertise to advise you in the choice of the appropriate cell module, taking into account the evolution of available cell technologies, deployment areas and your specific needs. The technologies available are 3G, 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced, LPWAN NB-OIOT AND LTE-M and the 5G depending on the zones.

Still from an industrial integration perspective, we offer high -performance and robust cell modules, with a lasting form factor.

We also offer a range of smart modules bringing even more features to a device: voice and textual communications, video interface, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
Our full range of cell modules allows you to meet each specific need.


  • Range of range and customization possible
  • Coeurs Sequans, Qualcomm Mediatek or Histilicon
  • OS Linux, Windows and Android depending on the model
  • Fast and simple development
  • Pre-certified modules
  • Technical support quality
  • Reliability