Digi Remote Manager XBee


Digi Remote Manager is a remote monitoring tool for XBee networks

Essential functions:

  • Firmwares' automated and secure updates
  • Monitoring statuses and locating remote equipment
  • Access to remote equipment data, data integration via open APIs
  • Equipment and data reports and alerts

XBee Specific Features:

  • Datastreams Micropython
  • XBee firmware updates including cellular component (Xbee 3G and 4G)
  • Access to the XBee Module File System: Remote updates to MicroPython applications, security certificates, log fichies loading.
  • Planning operations
  • Optimizing data usage/transmission (Xbee 3G and 4G cellular)


 NOTE: A FREE Digi Remote Manager 3.0 test account is available to connect up to 5 devices and test all the platform's features. Contact us to find out more

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