IoT connectivity

MATLOG specialist in IoT connectivity offers a wide range of short, medium or long worn solutions for the connection of equipment and data transmission.

The choice of aradio moduleCan be complex according to the number of equipment to be connected, the network profile, the desired data flow, the necessary scope, interoperability with other equipment, the environment and the deployment geographic area.

Among our offer, of course, the famousXbee modulewhose success is no longer to be demonstrated, particularly recognized for its simplicity of integration, the diversity of available protocols, including the popular zigbee, the palette of utilities and accessories provided.

For local links, we also offerWiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, or WiFi/Ble combined which will allow communication to third -party equipment or connection to access points.

For long distance connectivity, our offer is based oncell modules, 4G and 5G broadband for applications requiring it, or LPWAN low consumption NB-IOT or LTE-M with also in the catalog the alternative LORA/LORAWAN.

Display solutions

Our Department Solutions Department is based on proven technical expertise and a network of innovative partners to offer our customers differentiating services.

Matlog markets a wide range of screens adapted to the specifics of industrial markets and is able to offer technical solutions to meet severe environmental requirements.

Our TFT screens ranges are positioned from 2 inch to 75 inch using stretch products for certain needs, round screens for others (up to 5 inches) with very open angles (IPS technology). Matlog offers TFT with specific dimensions based on a "Cutting Edge" process to adapt the solution to the dimensional of your applications.

Our products meet the requirements of both very low consumption (e-paper, OLED ...) and high light (... 4500 CD/M2).

Our engineers provide the fine-tunning of tactile controllers in the customer application environment.

Matlog designs tailor-made integrated solutions, with the supply of complete subsets comprising in addition to the screens, tactile slabs and their assemblies (Air Gap or Oca Bonding).
We provide specific treatments responding to environmental constraints to ensure IK protection of "Cover Glass" lenses (IK3 ... IK10), and IP treatment to strengthen the sealing of the solution (IP65 ... IP68).
We also offer treatments adapted to needs with anti-UV (UV-CUT), anti-reflection (IR-CUT) and infra (IR) solutions.

On -board electronics

Heart processor modulesArm or x86are at the heart of our on -board electronic offer. These modules allow the development at lower risk and a fast marketing of a complete on -board system.

As a choice, a wide variety of processors depending on the necessary computing power, precisely sized memories, diversity of interfaces and pre-certified WiFi/BT connectivity.

Different form factors are S for a perfect adequacy to the deployment constraints of the on-board system: ultra-compact modules resistant to high shock and vibrations,SODIMM200 modulesTo simplified integration and constrained economic format, modules in Q7 or SMARC format with high computing power ...

In addition to this processor module offer, the user can choose to go on an SBC ARM or a card to the last standard Com HPC where all the interfaces are integrated, or even a complete and operational system like our hardened PCs or Industrial compact PCs Intel or AMD heart, to get rid of the electronic design phase.

Also in this range, and witnesses of the sustainability of the solutions we offer,Rabbit modulesMarketed since 2005 are still in the catalog and available on stock.

Industrial data

Our industrial IT department and networks offers ready -to -integration solutions:Cellular routers and industrial switches, OUT-OF-BAND supervision and management solutions, series and USB conversion bridges, WIFI and Ethernet, switches and concentrators and networks of industrial sensors.

For the remote connection, we have different families of cellular routers specified for the world of industry, transport or company, as well as a range of high performance antenna, this component being essential to a connection of Quality to the network, guaranteeing the optimization of the bandwidth. These solutions are of course highly secure to operate in particularly exposed contexts such as the transfer of sensitive data or the financial transaction. The associated supervision solutions will go up the statutes and alarms necessary for effective monitoring, they will also allow configuration and update of the systems deployed remotely.

The manufacturers' solutions, which we have selected, integrate the business protocols and all the certifications necessary for their use. They are also characterized by their simplicity of deployment and their great reliability.

Supply and battery

Because the power supply of equipment and systems is also a key component to select with care to guarantee autonomy, safety and reliability, we offer a wide range of power supplies, DC/DC converters, batteries and batteries.

Our industrial power supplies are available in Rail DIN formats,Mount panelOpen frameor desktop, and have the necessary classifications and certifications for, among other things, industrial, sailor or medical environments.

We have selected a range of DC/DC converter also certified for deployments in industry, outdoor terminals and kiosks, rail and medical equipment.

Finally for autonomous systems, we offer a full range of batteries and batteries, using the best available technologies, guaranteeing long -term autonomy and reliability. These solutions can also be made to measure for specific forms or capacities, or specific environment of use (high temperatures for example).

Thermal solutions

The miniaturization of products, the increase in performance and therefore of the powers consumed require control and the optimization of thermal exchanges to all scales (from elementary component to electronic bay through electronic equipment).

The thermal of electronic systems has become a key element when developing a product and component specifications must be defined precisely for a maximum lifespan.

Our department will provide a detailed response to your thermal issues: diagnostics, identification of solutions, optimization, advice, studies, product choice, integration, reliability and costs.

With our expert partners in the simulation of complex physical phenomena, the dimensioning of your product will be optimized using the best thermal solutions on the market.

In addition, our products are made to measure according to your need: Gap Pad Pre -cut in format, custom extractors and dissipators, specific profile fans, thermoelectric modules, etc.