DELTA Sync - Competitive Price, Reduced Clutter, NEC Class 2


The design of the power supplies DELTA Rail Din Sync is Ultra Compact for easy integration in small spaces.

They have more than one Double insulation Class II and therefore do not require grounding.

Din Sync Rail power supplies are available in 5V, 12V and 24V variants, on a range from 30W to 100W output.

Designed to operate in extreme environments, they also have a mode Cold Start at -40oC


General features of DELTA Rail Din Sync power supplies:

  • Din Plastic Rail Box
  • Terminal block
  • Monophase
  • Option DC OK relay (allows to power a relay)
  • Operating temperature -21C/71C. Cold start -40oC
  • Derating above 55oC
  • Recommended max altitude 2000 M
  • IP 20
  • Certifications: IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 / UL508 / CE / NEC Class II
Part Number Phase Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Box
DRS-5V30W1NZ Single phase 5vdc 3.00A 15w NEC Class 2
DRS-5V50W1AZ 6.00A 501 Not NEC Class 2
DRS-5V50W1AR 10.0 A 301 5v with Relay
DRS-5V50W1NZ 10.0 A 301 NEC Class 2
DRS-5V50W1NR 10.0a 301 NEC Class 2 with relay
DRS-12V50W1NZ 12vdc 4.00A 281 NEC Class 2
DRS-12V50W1NR 4.12A 301 NEC Class 2 with relay
DRS-24V30W1AZ 24vdc 1.25A 501 Not NEC Class 2
DRS-24V30W1NZ 1.25A 501 NEC Class 2
DRS-24V50W1NZ 2.10A 301 NEC Class 2
DRS-24V50W1NR 2.10A 301 NEC Class 2 with relay
DRS-24V100W1AZ 4.00A 96w Not NEC Class 2
DRS-24V100W1AR 4.00A 100w 24V with relay
DRS-24V100W1NZ 3.80A 91.2w NEC Class 2
DRS-24V100W1NR 4.00A 100w NEC Class 2 with relay

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