SeaLevel Maps PCI Express Asynchrones 1 to 8 Ports Series


The multiport series maps PCI Express de Sealevel add 1 to 16 series ports to your PC. The maps 7000th family (asynchronous) are configurable port by port in RS232, RS485, RS422, RS530.

These versions offer formats low profile or standard, with isolated or unseated ports,. Sealevel series cards are industrial products intended for intensive use.

Asynchronous Series Maps RS232 RS422/RS485 RS232/RS422/RS485 RS232/RS422/RS485 isolated
PCI Express low profile 1 Port 7106 e
PCI Express 2 Ports 7205 ec 7203 e
PCI Express Low Profile 2 Ports 7202 ec 7204 ec 7205 ec
PCI Express low profile 4 Ports 7406 ec 7402 ec 7404 ec
PCI Express 8 Ports 7804 e
PCI Express low profile 8 Ports 7803 e 7802 e


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