Digi WR44 RR - EN 50155


The router Digi WR44 RR is a rugged cellular router designed especially for the railway industry: It is equipped with M12 Ethernet connectors, TNC Antenna connectors and has the certification EN 50155


4G LTE-A cellular router, the Digi WR44 RR router integrates a 4-port Ethernet switch, a GPS / Galileo option, 1 serial port and Input / Output connectors.

The Integrated Wi-Fi can constitute an Internet access point for passengers, or allow the transfer of Bord-Sol data.

Like all Digi routers, the WR44 RR can be managed via SNMP or the Digi Remote Manager software suite


· LTE-A Cat 6 theoretical throughput 300 Mbps DL / 50 Mbps UL, 3G support in degraded mode. Operator redundancy, Sim1 / Sim2

Wi-Fi Access Point and Client modes, support multiple SSIDs

· Surelink, autonomous maintenance of cellular connectivity "Allways On"

Integrated firewall and QoS

GPS and Galileo ready

EN 50155, -40 ° / + 70 ° C

LTE-A Cat 6, 3G degraded mode

Dual Sim, card access protection

4-port 10/100 Ethernet switch

Serial Port and Input / Output

9-36Vdc power supply

EN 50155, -40 ° / + 70 ° C

Programmable (Python, 128MB Flash, 64 MB Ram), Integrated Firewall

Digi Remote Manager



Administration; HTTPS, SSL, SNMP ...

Routing: RIP, OSPFv2, v3, BGP ...

Security: OpenVPN, EZVPN, X509, AES, Sha1… WPA2

Others: QoS, DynDNS, ModBus, X25…


Examples of applications

On-board sales, Passenger Internet Access, Dynamic Display, on-board systems monitoring, Video Surveillance and Security



LTE-A Cat 6, Fallback 3G, WIFI

Optional accessory kit:

1 x DC Power Cord: M12 to bare wire, 4m
1 x Serial Cable: M12 to DB9 Cable, 1m
1 x Ethernet Cable: M12 (4-pin male, D-coded) to RJ45, 2m
1 x Ethernet Cable: M12 (4-pin male) to M12 (4-pin male), 2m
1 x Ethernet Cable: M12 (8-pin male) to RJ45, 2m

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