XBee MicroPython PyCharm Plugin


XBee MicroPython PyCharm Plugin for XBee3 module programming:The latest generation XBee module incorporates a micropython engine, 1MB of Flash memory and 128ko of RAM available to host applications and data.

The plug-in Digi XBee MicroPython PyCharm IDE makes code deployment easier, with a wide variety of code examples and a user-friendly and intuitive platform for MicroPython code development.

Using the Digi XBee MicroPython PyCharm IDE plug-in simplifies and speeds up the processes involved in developing, compiling and flashing the code.

The plugin also provides access to a database of code examples. This reduces the time spent figuring out how to interface with the Digi XBee module and allows the developer to simply use the existing code to tailor the examples to the specific application.

In addition, the Digi XBee MicroPython PyCharm IDE plug-in condenses the flash process. With a simple click, the code can be flashed and run in seconds. PyCharm IDE's built-in terminal makes it easy to analyze applications by instantly displaying code values directly in the terminal window.

Essential features available: 

  • Smart coding support
  • Integrated development tools (Debug, testing and profiles)
  • Graphic tools for debug and tests
  • Customizable IDE platform
  • Many examples of Micropython codes
  • Compiling and flashing code in 1 Click.

Link to MicroPython programming guide

Link for downloading Xbee MicroPython PyCharm 

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