Transmitter IC - CMT2119AW


The CMT2119AW is a high performance, extremely flexible and low-cost FSK / OOK RF transmitter chipset designed for various wireless applications from 240-960 MHz. The CMT2119AW is the easiest way to control data transmission.
Transmission is initiated when an effective level change is detected on the DATA-pin, while the transmission action stops after maintaining the level of the DATA-pin for a defined time window.

The CMT2119AW transmitter associated with the CMT2219A receiver enables a robust RF link to be established.

The main specifications

● Optional Configuration Schemes
- On-Line Registers Writing
- Off-Line EEPROM Programming
● Frequency Range: 240 to 960 MHz
● Support OOK, FSK and GFSK Demodulation
- 0.5 to 100 ksps (FSK / GFSK)
- 0.5 to 30 ksps (OOK)
● Deviation: 1.0 to 200 kHz
● 1-wire Interface for Transmission Control
● 2-wire Interface for Registers Accessing and EEPROM Programming
● Output Power: -10 to +13 dBm
● Supply Voltage: 1.8 to 3.6 V
● Supply Sleep Current: <20 nA
● FCC / ETSI Compliant
● RoHS Compliant
● 6-pin SOT23-6 Package



● Low cost consumer electronics applications
● Home automation
● Replacement of infrared emitters
● Industrial monitoring and controls
● Remote lighting control
● Remote automated meter reading
● Wireless alarm and security systems
● Remote input - remote control (RKE)

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