Module LoRaWAN - RFM6501W


The RFM6501W module is an SOC module integrated with a Cypress 32 Cortex-M0 microcontroller (low consumption) and a Semtech LoRa SX1262 chip. It has extremely low energy consumption, high sensitivity, long-distance communication and high performance.



  • Ultra strong capacity of resisting disturbance, suitable for complex interference environment scenarios
  • Receiving sensitivity: -137dBm SF-12-BW-125KHz
  • Working Frequency: 470MHz-868MHz-915MHz
  • Supply Voltage:2.4V-3.7V
  • Transmit Current: 107mA - 22dbm 470MHz
  • Receiver Current: 9mA 470MHz



LoRaWAN Final Knot
Smart meter reading
Automation of the building
Remote control application
Security system
Smart Parking
Smart City
Environmental monitoring
Supply chain and logistics

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