Redundant modules and Buffer for Delta CliQ II


The redundant modules and buffer Rail Din CliQ II secure the power supply of the equipment by maintaining availability when power outages:

The Redondant module connected to two power supplies distributes the current to the system. If one of the feeds falls, the relay is taken 100% by the other

The buffer module is able to bring power to the system immediately tilted continuously from a few milliseconds to a few seconds in the event of a sudden general power outage.

In combination, the DC-UPS module provides a complementary supply of a few minutes to several hours to the whole.

With Delta redundant modules, Buffer and UPS solutions, power outages will be completely evaded, and power to equipment will be maintained 100% of the time.

Part Number Type Description
DRR-20N Redudancy module Redundancy module 20A Plastic
DRR-40N Redundancy module 40A Plastic
DRR-20A Redundancy module 20A Metal - ATEX
DRR-40A Redundancy module 40A Metal - ATEX
DRB-24V020ABN Buffer module Buffer module 20A
DRB-24V040ABN Buffer module 40A
DRB-24V020ABA Buffer module 20A - ATEX
DRU-24V40ABN DC-UPS 40A Battery charge module (Metal)

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