Sealevel Maps E/S PCI Express Multi I/O


Sealevel Cards E/S PCI Express Digital I/O

PCIe E/S Sealevel 8000e: Multi-entry cards / Digital outputs in the 8000 Sealevel family PCI Express format Entries/Exits.

SeaI/O software controls these interfaces, it is available in Windows and Linux

connectors are available for prototyping: KT111 for the 8012th,

KT101 for the 8003th, 8004th, and 8006th

These PCIe E/S Sealevel 8000e cards are industrial products intended for intensive use. They are guaranteed for life (in a normal use setting)

GUIDE OF REFERENCES PCI cards and PCI Express E/S digital
PCI Express Card 16 relay outputs Reed 8003th
PCI Express Card 16 Relay Exits Reed / 16 isolated entrances (16 isolated entrances (16 isolated entrances (16 3-13V) 8004th
PCI Express Card 16 Reed Relay Exits / 16 Isolated Entrances (10-30V) 8004He
PCI Express Card 16 isolated entrances (3-13V 8006th
PCI Express Card 16 isolated entrances (10-30V) 8006He
PCI Express card 8 Reed relay exits / 8 isolated entrances (3-30V) 8012th
KT101 Kit: cable and screw connector card for extension 8003e,8004th and 8006 KT101
KT111:connectors card for extension 8012th KT111

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