XBee Mobile SDK - XBee Series 3


XBee Mobile SDK is an app development kit for Smartphone/Tablet, incorporating locally collected XBee data via BT/BLE.

This app uses the BLE Bluetooth link available on XBee Series 3 modules.

The BLE connection is secured via the SPR protocol and the AES-256 encryption.

The BT BLE feature on the XBee Series 3 modules allows the connection to Android/IoS smartphones and tablets, it also allows the collection of data 'from third-party equipment or sensors compatible BLE. It also has the Beaconning feature.

Essential functions:

  • Android/IoS compatibility
  • APIs for interfacing with XBee Series 3 via BLE (Authentication, Encryption, Communication)
  • Bookshops (Xamarin C, Java (Android))
  • Examples of programs

Link to download XBee Mobile SDK


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