DIGI XCTU 6.5.0 - XBee Test Utility and Configuration


DIGI XCTU 6.5.0 latest version of the XBee test utility and configuration, Free multi-platform application that allows you to set up program and test your XBee modules very simply via a simple-to-use graphical interface. It includes many unique tools and features such as the graphical view of the network, as well as the signal power of each connection, and the XBee API frame generator, which intuitively helps build and interpret the API frames for XBee used in API mode, make it easier than ever to develop on the XBee platform.

Essential features available: 

  • Management and configuration of XBee modules including remotely connected by radio link
  • Transparent restoration of module settings
  • Automatic management of mode and debit changes
  • Two specific API and AT consoles to communicate with your radio devices.
  • Frame Generator: Easily generate any type of API frame to record its value.
  • Frame Interpreter: Decodes an API frame and displays its specific frame values.
  • Micropython Terminal (for XBee3 modules)
  • Restoration: Recover radio modules with damaged firmware or programming mode.
  • Range test: Test range between two radio modules of the same network.
  • Bandwidth testing: Measure efficient data flow.
  • Spectre Analyzer: Measures the activity and power of the signal on each channel, optimizes the configuration depending on the location of deployment.
  • "Graphic" view of the XBee network
  • Firmware Explorer: Browse XCTU's firmware library.An update process allows you to automatically update the app itself and the library of radio microprograms without having to download additional files.

    Download free DIGI XCTU XCTU XBee Test and Configuration configuration directly from the Digi website by following the link: XCTU  



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