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Our specialized services

Our desire is to bring you the perfectly suited solution to your need.
This is why, we have developed a full range of services around our different departments.

Innovative solutions

Some examples of solutions offered: radar modules, voice recognition, very high resolution industrial screens and extended color range, curve or high temperature battery packs.

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Tailor -made solutions

Realization of tailor -made connected solutions: Faced with the complex challenges of digital transformation, companies can be disadvantaged for lack of expertise or resources. Our technological expertise and our partners' ecosystem are available to the realization of your project

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Thermal diagnosis

The miniaturization of components, the increase in performance and therefore of the powers consumed require the mastery and the optimization of thermal exchanges. The performance of a thermal diagnosis will make it possible to choose the right line of dissipation components to guarantee functioning and longevity of the final product.

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Optical Bonding

This delicate operation which consists in associating the screen and the glass must be carried out in environments without dust. The creation in the white room will guarantee the supply of a flawless solution.

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Custom assembly

For perfect integration of the monitor or PC panel in its final system, we carry out the tailor-made dimensioning and the integration of the different subsets.

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We also offer you the possibility of receiving your preconfigured or preprogrammed electronic modules or solutions.

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Matlog represents a network of qualified, innovative and certified partners.

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Matlog intervenes in different activity sectors with innovative solutions. Our experts identify products adapted to your specific need.