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Display solutions

Our Department Solutions Department is based on proven technical expertise and a network of innovative partners to offer our customers differentiating services.

MyTLOG markets a wide range of screens adapted to the specifics of industrial markets and is able to offer technical solutions to meet severe environmental requirements.

Our TFT screens ranges are positioned from 2 inch to 75 inch using stretch products for certain needs, round screens for others (up to 5 inches) with very open angles (IPS technology). Matlog offers TFT with specific dimensions based on a "Cutting Edge" process to adapt the solution to the dimensional of your applications.

Our products meet the requirements of both very low consumption (e-paper, OLED ...) and high light (... 4500 CD/M2).

Our engineers provide the fine-tunning of tactile controllers in the customer application environment.

Matlog designs tailor-made integrated solutions, with the supply of complete subsets comprising in addition to the screens, tactile slabs and their assemblies (Air Gap or Oca Bonding).
We provide specific treatments responding to environmental constraints to ensure IK protection of "Cover Glass" lenses (IK3 ... IK10), and IP treatment to strengthen the sealing of the solution (IP65 ... IP68).
We also offer treatments adapted to needs with anti-UV (UV-CUT), anti-reflection (IR-CUT) and infra (IR) solutions.