Embedded solutions

Matlog Specialist in on-board systems since 1996 offers a wide range of on-board electronic solutions adapted to each use.

From the XBee ZigBee module, through 4G cellular modules and up to ARM processor cards, at Matlog you will find the solution that suits you, either to provide wireless connectivity to a device, or to achieve its complete design.

We pay particular attention to the quality of the products we offer, to technical support, as well as to the sustainability of the solutions offered by the manufacturers we have selected to guarantee your satisfaction.

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative and reliable solutions to enable you to develop the best products for tomorrow today.

XBee Universe

XBee is the best-selling radio module in the world in industrial fields, and the ZigBee protocol probably the best known on this module (Digi XBee ZigBee Module)

The XBee module is the ideal module to easily provide radio connectivity (RF or cellular) to equipment. A single form factor regardless of the radio frequencies or protocols used allows you to deploy in any geographic area while meeting local regulations.

The serial port (UART / SPI) and the numerous I / O available satisfy most use cases. The software tools provided not only allow the programming and configuration of the modules but also help with deployment (range test, plan, etc.). Numerous examples of application programs are also available. XBee modules used in mesh networks can connect up to 1000 points.

The modules are pre-certified and guarantee final certification of the equipment at a lower cost.

Matlog supplies these modules in very large numbers in the industrial, renewable energy, agriculture and smart city sectors.

ARM universe

You will find here the different ranges of ARM and SBC Core modules for the development of embedded systems

Processor modules (System-on-Module or SOM) and networks (gateways) are designed to allow the rapid development of connected objects for the IoT (Internet of Industrial Objects). Indeed, Ethernet, Wi-Fi / BT connectivity as well as the various interface controllers are directly on board. In addition, the modules are pre-certified, which allows final certification of the equipment without risk and at a lower cost.

Thanks to processor modules, no need for advanced knowledge in component integration
or electronic design. The tools available at no additional cost allow you to fully concentrate on writing your application.
These modules are classified to industrial standard: Temperature, vibration and accelerated aging tests guarantee that your equipment will operate 24 hours a day for many years.

These SOM modules also embed an advanced security layer that protects your equipment.
against intrusions or diversion of use. They natively integrate a Cloud connectivity option for remote monitoring. They can connect very easily through the cloud on platforms like AWS or Azure. These modules are perfectly suited to deployments in the transport, medical, smart city, industry, etc. sectors.

Cellular Modules

Cellular networks now cover all territories. It is therefore the most suitable technology for connecting objects or equipment intended to be deployed around the world, from rural areas to the heart of urban buildings.

This requires the integration of a cellular module with the technology adapted to the use case: Supported bands, data rate, latency time, or power consumption constraints are thus examples of parameters to be seriously taken into account for equipment intended to operate for a few years in the field.

Matlog provides you with its expertise to advise you in choosing the appropriate module, taking into account the evolution of cellular technologies, the areas of deployment and your specific needs. The technologies available are 3G, 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced, LPWAN NB-IOT and LTE-M. 5G is coming soon.

Always with a view to industrial integration, we offer high-performance and robust cellular modules, with a long-lasting form factor.

We also offer a range of smart modules bringing even more functionalities to a device: voice and text communications, interface for video, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
Our complete range makes it possible to meet each specific need.

Wifi, Bluetooth, Combos, LoRa and Sub GigaHertz modules

The Internet of Things and wireless connectivity go hand in hand. The integration of Radio on equipment is particularly complex and the choice of technology depends on the profile of the application as well as the context of the deployment environment.

Two main families of Radios stand out: 2.4 / 5 GHz (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth…) for high bandwidth needs (media…) and Sub-GHz (LoRa…) for extended range or low consumption needs.

At Matlog, we know the different radio protocols and we can support you in your technical choices. By offering secure Radio components on frequencies covering 240 MHz to 5GHz, different profiles (Tx, Rx, TRx,) and modulations (OOK, FSK, GFSK), we have a solution adapted to each application.

We also have in our product range LoRaWAN, Wifi and Bluetooth modules selected for their stability and reliability.

X86 Universe

Intel X86 core solutions, embedded cards and PCs, Box or ruggedized

RABBIT universe

For more than 15 years Matlog has been marketing RABBIT solutions. These Z80 core-based modules and boards, proven solutions, are still widely used in industry. Here you will find all the families of modules and SBCs still on the market for which we provide

For any new Design we recommend the use of ARM core modules, efficient and energy efficient, perfect to replace the RABBIT