Digi LR54 4G LTE Cat Router - Wifi 2.4 - 5 GHz


The router Digi LR 54 is a router high performance, LTE 4G cat 6. It has as an option the Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n ac and incorporates a switch Ethernet 4 Gigabits ports.  

The Dual Core 880 MHz processor LR54, allows high-speed processing of operations and guarantees transmission speed, j180 Mbps DL / 50 MBps UL measured in real condition, making the LR54 one of the most efficient cellular/Wifi routers on the market, perfectly suited to business needs.

The module Wifi 2.4 Ghz/5GHz boardingGuarantees high bandwidth and availability of access. It can work simultaneously in customer mode or access point, Manages up to 8 SSID, and also has a configurable hotspot mode (Coovachili)

The LR54 Isshell scripts, Python and LINUX, and can be administered via SNMP or DIGI REMOTE MANAGER

The LR54 integrates all the advanced network protocols needed for secure integration into any IT architecture

The LR54 comes with all the necessary accessories (branches, power supplies and cables)

All of these elements combined with an attractive price make the LR54 router one of the most competitive enterprise cellular routers on the market.

Variations LR54 LR54-W
Cell  LTE-A Cat6, Fallback 3G
Bands LTE B1,2,3,,12,13,20,25,26,29,30.41 HSPA B1,2,3,4,5.8
Max Transfer Rate 300 Mbps DL / 50 MBps UL
Wi-Fi N/A Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz Mode Access Point and Customer
Sim card Dual Sim (Mini 2FF), card access protection
Ethernet Switch Ethernet 4 ports 10/100
Series 1 RS232 DB9
Food and consumption 12 Vdc - 11.4 W typical Max 13.68 W
Protocols Administration: HTTPS, SSL, SNMP...
Routage:NAT, NAPT
Safety: Statefull Inspection Firewall, VPN IPSEC, 32 VPN tunnels, AES256 , Sha1/Sha256...
Others: QoS, DynDNS
Data Sheet   https://www.digi.com/pdf/digi-transport-lr54.pdf
Doc  https://www.digi.com/resources/certifications
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